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What is PyClubs?

PyClubs is an initiative that seeks to create a learning hub or community for students at the tertiary level with an interest in Python and its related technologies.

The focus isn’t on computer science or engineering students alone, PyClub is open to any student across all disciplines regardless of their major or field of interest.

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Gain knowledge and insights on technical topics through hands-on trainings, talks, tutorials, workshops or joint activities.


Get to meet other like-minded individuals on campus or close to you. Team up, learn together, grow together.


Get the opportunity to grow your social network and advance your career.


Discover PyClubs around the world.


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Did you know?
...as a student studying Automotive Engineering you can use the library below?

Dash by Plotly

Description: A Python framework for building analytical web applications.

Use Case: Developing interactive web-based dashboards for visualizing automotive data like telematics and diagnostics.

Image for Automotive Engineering

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